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>> i am charley crowson. many of you are probably getting up and some probably haven't gone to bed celebrating the huge win. ravens win but we have to move forward into monday so we have to see how the weather will be. >> a lot of people do have to a go to work. what's the weather going to be like? >> dry this morning and cold and going into the evening, that's when we will have the chance for more snow showers to move in. talking about a dusting to an inch of snow courtesy of another clipper. we have what progressive pattern coming in. maryland's most powerful radaris dry. not seeing anything but we are feeling the cold temperatures this morning as we see 22 degrees and feel 22 in perry hall as well as bel air. it's 23 in stephensville but let me remind -- stevensville but let me remind outwinds out of the west making 22s and 23s feel like we are in the teens. bundle up and dress in layers as you head out the door. as we look at abc to's -- abc2's most accurate planner, temperatures at 30 degrees and we will stay at freezing or
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below freezing going through the rest of the afternoon. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: i can't stop smiling. i am so excited. i am sure everybody else is too. if you are traveling in baltimore county, 83 is nice and clear in parkton. nothing to get in your way from york road to 695. and heading over to harford county, this is what 95 locks like mountain road, everything moving along. we won't have problems once you get to white marsh. looking at a 15-minute ride southbound from the beltway all the way to downtown baltimore. and checking in and looking at the other timesaver traffic crime times, 695 is -- drive times, 659 is in great year -- 695 is in great shape. this is an 11 minute right on the outer loop from 795 to 95. excuse me. that's a look at your morning commute. i am so excited about the ravens win. >> words are hard to come by.
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it's 5:31. the season was a roller coaster ride but this morning the ravens are waking up superbowl champions. the ravens took down the 49ers 34-31 in big game classic that had all of us on the edge of our seats. charley has a recap of the ravens win what do you have. >> this one was not for the faint of heart. you thought it was going to be blowout midway through the third quarter and everything changed. but it would take one more defensive stand by ray lewis and the baltimore definances but as they have done -- defense. but as they have done they held tight and charm city is a champion. joe flacco found boldin in the back of the end zone and he was throwing the ball all over the yard. after a 49ers fumble james coughing it up and flacco finds one one of his favorite
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targets. again blacko to jones and into the end -- flacco and jones and into the end zone. and you think it could happen. they are on the run and jones is on the run. 108 yards. at this point it's 28 to 6 and the route is on. and the lights go out in the super dome breathing new life into the 49ers and collin kaepernick. 17 unanswered points by san francisco. and we have a game coming down to a goal line stand right there. 4th and 5. overthrowing crabtree and baltimore has won its second superbowl title and who would you rather hear from than the original raven ray lewis. >> no mater what we went through we found a way to keep fighting and that's why we are world champions. so my ride personally, how else do you say thank you how else do you say thank you to your
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teammates and to the city that never stopped believe in me and the team because now we take the trophy back to baltimore asworld champions. >> and the city of baltimore is a saying thank you to ray lewis for 17 wonderful years as a member of the ravens team. another great john elway who went out as a champion. ray lewis is there going out on top. joe flacco is named the mvp and threw for 287 yards and 3 touchdowns. the ravens became the first team to beat san francisco in the superbowl and for the city of baltimore now, that's 3 superbowl titles when you include the colts title megan back during superbowl 5. all right thanks so much. and you heard charley say it was an electrifying win. fans were shouting at bars and hunging -- hugging in living rooms and spilling into the streets and cheering when all was said and done. the streets exploded in celebration when the ravens won and for some the celebrations
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just ended. sherrie johnson is live with how fans reacted. >> reporter: yes, we are on south charles treat and i have to tell you people were out here to the wee hours of the morning. some just now starting to make their way home and you can see here that the remnants of the parties with the trash and debris that littered the streets and walk area here -- sidewalk area and there will be lots of cleanup later this morning. as a matter of fact we have seen a street sweeper go by trying to clean the area up. some people will have a little bit of a surprise when they return to their cars. you can see here park enforcement has been out here -- parking enforcement has been out issuing tickets and put a boot on some of the tire wheels for folks that left their cars last night maybe had too much to drink. but they will have a little surprise once they return to pick up the cars this morning. but look at this video here this was the scene on south
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charles treat at fans poured into the streets once the rains pud out a win. -- ravens pulled out the win. crowds were singing and cheering and you can hear them. they climbed light posts and climbing trees and car hones honking. horns honking. every where you look the place is full of purple pride. all is quiet. what a night. reporting live sherrin johnson. >> we had teams covering the reaction in baltimore and in new orleans. so that's where we sent jamie costello and he was there when the confetti was dropping. >> it's about two tickets to paradise we won it tonight. >> reporter: what did you think when jacoby ran onto your lap?
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>> this is the superbowl. this is what everything-- this is superbowl. nobody expected the game to be easy. nobody expected a blowout. this is the way we rather finish it. >> reporter: what did you do when cue caught this pass? >> so proud of my teammates and honored to be part of the team and you know, it's unbelievable feeling. >> reporter: where were you when the lights went out? >> took a wnd out of -- wind out of our sails and they were on the ropes going backwards and gave them a chance to regroup and gather themselves and they came back with vengeance and with a force but we held tight and we held them off and got it done. >> reporter: and when the bright lights came back on they were on joe flacco and you chanted elite. what were you screaming when
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the ravens stopped the 49ers on the goal line stand ray's final ride end with a lombardi in new orleans. >> you realize you rachelle piion shall you rachelle piion -- you are champion. yes i did. >> we brought it back to thecrib records it's been 12 years and the parade starts on tuesday. >> new orleans with hall of famer scott gar so jammy costello, abc -- jamie costello, abc2 news. enjoy the celebration good morning maryland. >> and talk about that celebration come tuesday and does this look familiar? this is from the 2001 victory parade when baltimore won the first superbowl under the ravens franchise. the city is preparing for the second victory parade set to start tomorrow at 11. that parade begins at city hall and ends the m and t stadium. if you can't catch it we will air it live on abc2 and it's
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going to be streaming at we have got your afc championship gear and now you need the superbowl memorabilia. >> we are live with details on what to get your hands on everything commemorating the big win. >> also what happens when you forget to turn off a fountain in the freezing cold temperatures. you get something that looks great but it's one big block of ice. back in a bit. this cold season, nasal congestion won't slow me down.
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looks like someone forgot toture off the fountain. -- forgot to turn off the fountains. temperatures froze over. the photographer says he was out looking to capture a shadow picture in honor of grounds hog day and stumbled on the fountain. pretty cool. >> it's very cool. time for a check of the forecast. it says in missouri temperatures got down into the 20s. >> look what we have. >> what you got for us? >> i have 20s for us too. some are smiling and some are not. we are coming in at 25 at the airport. timonium 23 right now. hunkton 22 and 2 -- hunkton in
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22 -- hunkton and 22 -- hunkton at -- munk -- monkton at 22. it had feel like we are in the teens and that's what you need to dress for. even when the kids come home the temperatures at 32. we will feel like we are in the 20s and we could see flurries at that time but more likely snow showers as we go later into tonight. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. what a good morning it is. way to go to the rains on an awesome superbowl win. if you are traveling on 95. nothing to get in your way from elk ridge to downtown baltimore. 695 going to be free of delays. west side particularly clear just 7 minutes right now on the outer loop from 795 down to 70 and here's what 83 looks like north of the beltway. no problems getting downtown. you are looking at an 11 minuteride from the beltway to fayette street. now over to you. baltimore -- from baltimore to new new orleans ravens fans
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were celebrating in the streets. >> no one was happier than players themselves. we will go to new orleans to hear moments from the comments from the players after the big win.
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>> the rains are superbowl wham
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thinkions and you might be can be -- bowl champions and you might just be going to bet now because you were celebrating all night. cyst christian schaeffer talked to the players after the huge win. >> reporter: not the colts or broncos or the patriots. not the 49ers and not even the blackout could stop the boughtmore ravens from winning the -- baltimore ravens from winning the superbowl. >> everything i thought it would be and more. when you set out for something for so long like we have, it's been a long rough road and a lot of blood and sweat and tears and could not have been a better group to do it with but we made it to the destination and mostimportantly we finished it off. >> they made us earn it and it was an honor to play on the field with them. >> reporter: the owner of the ravens has said that he plans to have joe flacco as his quarterback for the next 10 years and his contract is up and he can expect to become one of the nfl's highest paid
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quarterbacks now in the off season. reporting from the super dole, abc2 news. super dome, abc2 news. t-shirts jerseys and gloves and hats you will find anything you want now the ravens have been crowned the champs so linda so is shopping this morning live at mow del's. >> reporter: ravens rock. modell's. >> reporter: ravens rock. how cute are they. mites and they have everything here and they will open in 15 minutes working extra hours to cater to all the rains fans. i have my personal favorite sweatshirt on rings don't like. -- lie. they have that here. tons of other stuff to pick up. they have banners and towels and a bobble head. clocks and footballs and the official locker room shirt and tom come on over. you've been working extra hard and you said you stayed open until 1:30. >> we opened after the game
5:49 am
clock hit zero and unlocked thedoor and people came running in and we were here as long as we needed to be to help everybody that came. >> reporter: how crazy was it? >> it was insane. people were screaming coming in the door and fans were wonderful. came in and they swooped down on everything and the lines wrapped all the way around the store from the front all the way to the back and then across and even with that, it was running fast and smooth. >> reporter: that's awesome and you are getting calls this morning from people who want to know if you will open. >> yeah. people have been calling on the phone and i am surprised the phone is not ringing asking what time will you open or are you still open. >> reporter: yeah. >> great people. >> reporter: and you stuck and ready to go and getting new shipments in tonight and this morning. >> that's correct. we sold out of the superbowl hat in 30 minutes and we got more back in before the store closed last night. so we are back in stock with your superbowl hat. >> reporter: that's cool. the doors are opening for all
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you fans at 6 this morning. this is the modell's sporting good in carney and they are stocked. look at the shirts. employees are ready to go working extra hours to cater to everyone. we want to let the world know we are the champions. live in carney, linda so, abc2 news. >> did you catch what happened. >> which part? >> the fact linda so was decked out. >> i feel like we will need the gloves. >> she had the hoody that said rings don't line and -- lie and didn't tell us about that. we are onto you. >> speaking of that parade, the victory parade is scheduled for tomorrow. >> starting at 11 tomorrow at city hall ending at m and t bank stadium. we will have live coverage if crowe can't make it downtown. tune in -- if you can't make it downton, tune into abc2 or >> let's find out about the weather because so many people will head down there for that. will it be chilly? >> it's going to be cold but who cares? bundle up. just bundle up. temperatures around 34 degrees.
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the wind will be at the north at 5 to 10 miles an hour. it will shave a few degrees off the 34. dress in layers and i believe that the snow will hold off until later in the evening just like we are dealing with today. so, that's what you can expect as you step out tomorrow and head towards the parade. but for today, you're stepping out and we have the temperatures in the 20s once again. we are at 20 in manchester. 24 in baltimore. 23 in annapolisch good morningbel air you are at 22 and along the eastern shore in boltzboro 25 and fed ralsburg at 26 degrees right now. the winds are gusting up to 30 in annapolis and 31 in baltimore and making it feel more like we are in the teens in bel air and baltimore even annapolis. everywhere. look at the 11th and manchester and mount airy. satellite and radar picking up on the snow showers towards the west. that's the clipper coming in as we go through the evening time frame. be prepared for that. we are talking about a dusting to an inch of snow. let's check the abc2 timesaver
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traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that snow is not going to keep anyone away from the parade tomorrow. congratulations against to the ravens. if you are traveling in harford county, nothing to get gnar way on 95. it's nice and clear from 543 to white marsh. and looking at 695, here in parkville, traffic is moving along at harford road. looking at ride from 95 up to 83. and the inner loop will be nice and clear from 83 down to 95. as we look at the other abc2 timesaver traffic drive times west side of the beltway in great shape. an 8 minute ride on the outer loop from 795 down to 70 and traveling on 795 this morning just going to take 10 minutes from southbound to westminster pike down to the beltway. that's your morning commute. now over to you. >> it's a superbowl for animal lovers. >> when we show you puppies you know we are going to. cute adorable puppies free vied an -- provide an alternative so we have highlights from the 9th
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had a big draw each superbowl sunday. adorable puppies playing on a mini football field when it crosses the inbound they -- there's hedgehog cheerleaders. ray lewis a superstar before the superbowl happened and now 5 # more popular than ever. >> with that comes ray lewis merchandise. we will tell you what to look out for to make shoe you don't get scamed -- make sure you don't get scamed when you buy the gear. >> energy drinks may be a way to get a pick me up but can beharmful to your kids. we will look at negative side effects doctors are talking about.
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it's safe to use with any medicine to relieve my nighttime stuffy nose. so i can breathe better and sleep better. [ female announcer ] go to for special offers. you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> baltimore we coming home baby. we did it. >> they did it. celebrations stretching to the wee hours of the morning if you haven't heard ravens are superbowl champs. thanks for joining us on this very happy purple monday morning. you've never seen a team more tired than the four of us. >> i think we watched the game. >> everyone watched the game? >> yes. >> every down? >> that's unbelievable.

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